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Cultural Activities


Institute celebrated its cultural program "ABHIVYAKTI" 2012". This annual celebration included various indoor and outdoor sports and cultural activities. A Special performance of  Indian idol Superstar "AMIT SANA" & Comedy Circus Star(also ZEE Sare gama pa singer )  "SUGANDHA MISHRA" was also organized for the students.



Adequate facilities for sports & playfield for outdoor games like Cricket, Football, Volleyball etc, & indoor games like table tennis, carrom, and chess are available.

Campus Activity

Alpine association has organized following campus activities:
  • To enhance communication skills of the students, a four-week special training program had been organized in collaboration with Hero Mind Mine Institute, Indore.
  • Institute also sponsored 80 students to participate in a seminar on 'Robotics' held at Acropolis College, Indore during May-2009.
  • Institute has been organizing pre-PET (mock test) since its first year, to help students in self-assessment and subsequent improvement.

Nurturing Talents

  • Top five students of each branch are provided with two additional library cards.
  • Students securing 75% marks in a year are given 5% relaxation in next year's fees.
  • Technical festival is organized to encourage creativity and innovation.

AIT & Society

AIT realizes that environmental protection is a major social issue. So the institute has initiated following activities:
  • Along with a leading newspaper, a mass-media campaign is started to focus attention on water harvesting.
  • Institute is also working on a water-harvesting project at its campus.
  • Our students and faculty members actively participated during 'shramdan' to deepen Gambhir dam.

Anti Ragging


Ragging is an offensive crime. As per the directive of RGPV, Zero-tolerance policy for maintaining law and disciplinehas to be followed. Proctor committee of staff and Anti Ragging committee of students are formed.

In case ofragging following steps shall be taken:

  • Rustication from college for 1 year / 2 year / forever.
  • Students shall not avail scholarship
  • Debarring from campus placement.

Involvement in ragging will be highlighted on transfer certificate and character certificate.